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Irmo&Nienna - Siblings.jpg

Irmo is the master of visions and dreams. In Lórien are his gardens in the land of the Valar, and they are the fairest of all places in the world, filled with many spirits. Nienna dwells alone. Her halls are west of West, upon the borders of the world. She mourns for every wound that Arda has suffered in the marring of Melkor. But she does not weep for herself; and those who hearken to her learn pity, and endurance in hope.


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9th Sep, 2015 05:20 (UTC)
Nienna is a very stylish, retiring 1930s woman here. She is very much like photographs of my grandmother in her youth.
10th Sep, 2015 23:23 (UTC)
I like the idea that maybe there's some style interchange between Elves/Men and the Valar. Like in this case, I was toying with the idea that the concept of mourning veils comes from her, passed to the Elves and from them to Men. Maybe there were periods where the custom was lost, only to be picked up again, the idea left in ancient stories, or art...
9th Sep, 2015 11:24 (UTC)
10th Sep, 2015 20:23 (UTC)
Thank you :)
9th Sep, 2015 11:55 (UTC)
Oh, I like the mourning veil! And also that you have given Irmo long hair, but Nienna has her hair - is it bobbed, or pinned up? Nice idea either way.
11th Sep, 2015 00:04 (UTC)
I like the way the veil came out more than I should :P I gave Námo middle length hair, and I wanted to do something different for each sibling. I struggled a lot with Nienna's hair... at first I wanted her to have her hair down, but it didn't look right, so it ended up pinned up. But she definitely wouldn't have hair as long as Irmo!

Thank you for your comment :)
10th Sep, 2015 01:47 (UTC)
A study in contrasts--you've made them almost like different sides of the same coin, maybe?
It's very interesting, because Nienna is often thought of together more with her other brother, it seems to me.
11th Sep, 2015 00:13 (UTC)
I was going for something like that, yes :)

Yes, there's not much about Nienna and Irmo... but I think there's an interesting connection between them: Gandalf. He used to hang around Nienna and spent a lot of time in Lófrien, which means he must have spent quite some time around Irmo and Estë too.
Another interesting thing, that makes them closer to each other than Mandos, is that they are more involved in the life of Men/Elves than Mandos is.
10th Sep, 2015 10:21 (UTC)
I love the wistful look of Irmo and his dreamlike quality. And I love how Nienna's face is turned away and she looks down as if she weeps. These drawings are lovely.
14th Sep, 2015 00:18 (UTC)
Thank you so much :)
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