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Uinen - Portrait.jpg

Uinen, the Lady of the Seas. All creatures she loves that live in the salt streams, and all weeds that grow there; to her mariners cry, for she can lay calm upon the waves.



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20th Apr, 2015 07:28 (UTC)
I like it!
That wavy hair and those hints at fish scales and that kimono-like dress.
She looks a bit unhappy. Has Osse been acting up again or is she thinking of Alqualonde?
20th Apr, 2015 22:45 (UTC)
Maybe she's waiting for the Valar to finally do something about Melkor...
20th Apr, 2015 14:19 (UTC)
Lovely colouring! I like the hair like waves.
20th Apr, 2015 21:52 (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, I usually don't use colour because I screw up every time I do, but that's what I wanted to go with the hair and it wouldn't have work without in B&W
27th Apr, 2015 13:33 (UTC)
Love her. Love the hair, love the very original idea of having her in a kimono, love the scaly bits, her serious mouth... Lovely work.
27th Apr, 2015 22:59 (UTC)
Thank you so much!! I wanted her clothes to remind me of long flowing fins, and a kimono seemed to suit her.
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