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FMA Big Bang Art

Artwork for "The Compass Rose" by bob_fish, part of her Wrong Turn Series, one of the most amazing, plot-driven FMA fanfics I've ever read.

'"There must be," Ed says. "We should get camping stuff too, if we can. If we go by the countryside, we might have to sleep outdoors. That's what Ling did. They used to sleep in shifts," Ed continues. "There were a whole bunch of people trying to assassinate them, ninja style. I guess we don't need to worry about assassins now, but Ling says there are bandits in the countryside. So, maybe we'll need to do that, one of us sleeps and the other one sits up by the fire."

"Okay," says Winry. "Or-"

"And Ling says they train the horses a different way here!" Ed continues. "You hold the reins all loose. We'll have to watch how other people do it."

"Or," Winry says. She takes Ed's shoulder and turns him to the side.'

Mother Olive, and OC.

Tags: art, fma
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